Friday, August 14, 2009

Give it to me...

Everyday I peruse some of my favorite website, stores, and thrifts to find my daily obsessions. How many of them do I actually purchase? Maybe two or so a week. I just love to find these items, fall in love with them, then wait to see either the expensive version in a magazine or on TV. So here of some of my daily "loves."

This first item is from, you guess it, Forever 21. It is $29.00 and it is by their Twelve by Twelve collection. I think this top is AMAZING. I could see myself wearing this to work, out, or just floating around the world. I would feel like a butterfly. HOT.

The second item is again from Forever 21. It is only $17.80!!! GET IT! You could wear this striped skirt during any season. In the Fall / Winter I would wear it with a black turtleneck and a little black beret. In the spring I would wear it with a white collared shirt with rolled up sleeve and some red heels. And in the summer, I would wear it with black racerback tank with some huge earings. I want it so bad.

The third item is a fabulous grap pump from Charlotte Russe. Charlotte Russe serves one great purpose for me: shoes. Most of their shoes of under $30 and they are usually cuter than Target and Forever 21. Forever 21's shoes are cute, but they always run out of sizes so fast. I love these shoes because instead of a black shoes, this is gray. Way more updated for this fall. It's chunky, like most shoes should be. Distribute that pressure evenly. GET IT.

Snatch these items up before they sell out, like most of these websites tend to do.


Kaity said...

Love the gray pumps! Glad you started this blog, I'm loving all the articles! =)

Mrs. Miron said...

Thanks. It's one of my few ways to discuss fashion...considering I don't have any friends.