Sunday, August 16, 2009

Crazy shoes...

Since puberty I have always loved crazy shoes. I remember in High School when I used to get the Delias catalog. There was a pair of silver shoes that I NEEDED. Luckily I had a mother who spoiled me with everything I wanted and of course, I got the silver shoes. At first I was intimidated to wear these disco-esque Frankenstein shoes, but eventually I was fearless and wore them almost every other day to school and just around. They were comfortable and amazing looking. No one had a pair like them...and probably for a just cause. The point of this store is that I have always loved crazy shoes and now, they are finally back on the rise. Now that I am not in high school anymore, the reality of wearing some of these - - especially as a teacher - - is quite difficult, but I can love them as little works of art. Here are some of favorites...for cheap of course:

The first pair is from Charlotte Russe. They are called the "Bondage Strap Platforms". They sell for $39.99. These are definitely hot. I can see it tights and a black turtleneck. Add a humongous bag and you are ready to rock the city.
The second pair is from Forever 21. These are called the "Odette Cage Bootie" and they sell for $28.80. I don't think it would be appropriate for me to wear these while I'm teaching, but a night going to the movie theater would be great! Black tights, black pencil skit, and a crazy neon blouse and I would be ready to stand out amongst all the jean and flip flop girls around town. Pick them up!

The third pair is from Target. These are called the "Ann Michelle by Journee Peep Toe Pumps" and they sell for $34.99. They come in four different colors. These are really versatile. I think of the three that I have featured, these are the most safe, yet still, they are more risque then shoes style of late. I like these shoes because they look like they are comfortable, because of the platform, and like that they are almost a cross between a bootie and a sandal. Very cute.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lovin' new tees...

Lately I've been loving the new tees that are floating around town. I'm so over "band" tees and "statement" tees. These new cuts are completely fresh and ultra feminine. Once again we can thank Forever 21 for the slew of rip-offs that I'm completely in love with. The original is by D & G. Here is the D & G guess how much.

Now here are my lovely copies for cheap. The first is from my lover Forever 21. It is called the "Beatnik Graphic Tee" and it sells for $12.50. This would look great tucked in a black pencil skirt, black peep toe pumps, and a black beret. So chic.

The second is called the "Blushed Fashion Tee". It sells for $13.80. So precious. I would style this similar to how D & G styled their t-shirt look. A little pair of ballet flats and you are ready for Paris!

The third is the "H81 Ballerina Tee". It sells for $14.90. This one is my favorite! It is my favorite because the screenprinted "ballerina" looks like me...especially because we share the same haircut! A cute A-Line red skirt with some black satin ballet flat and you will be more cheap and chic that D & G.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Give it to me...

Everyday I peruse some of my favorite website, stores, and thrifts to find my daily obsessions. How many of them do I actually purchase? Maybe two or so a week. I just love to find these items, fall in love with them, then wait to see either the expensive version in a magazine or on TV. So here of some of my daily "loves."

This first item is from, you guess it, Forever 21. It is $29.00 and it is by their Twelve by Twelve collection. I think this top is AMAZING. I could see myself wearing this to work, out, or just floating around the world. I would feel like a butterfly. HOT.

The second item is again from Forever 21. It is only $17.80!!! GET IT! You could wear this striped skirt during any season. In the Fall / Winter I would wear it with a black turtleneck and a little black beret. In the spring I would wear it with a white collared shirt with rolled up sleeve and some red heels. And in the summer, I would wear it with black racerback tank with some huge earings. I want it so bad.

The third item is a fabulous grap pump from Charlotte Russe. Charlotte Russe serves one great purpose for me: shoes. Most of their shoes of under $30 and they are usually cuter than Target and Forever 21. Forever 21's shoes are cute, but they always run out of sizes so fast. I love these shoes because instead of a black shoes, this is gray. Way more updated for this fall. It's chunky, like most shoes should be. Distribute that pressure evenly. GET IT.

Snatch these items up before they sell out, like most of these websites tend to do.

Anna Sui for Target

Target...let's be honest. Lately you have been quite a dissapointment. A couple of cute things in the summer, but I expect more. You usually have some amazing shoes, fabulous bathing suits, and great summer dresses. This summer it was searching to find the diamond in the rough. Now, you have redeemed yourself.

Anna Sui for Target is AMAZING! This collection is inspired by the show Gossip Girl. Now even though I could care less about Gossip Girls, the clothing is great though. The line will be available online and in stores August 13th through October 17th.

...wait a minute....

...August 13th...

...that's TODAY!

Get it while it still smells like it just came from China!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ummm...Forever 21?

I think I should re-design this blog specifically just for Forever 21. As cheap as their clothing is and I mostly can not wear their clothing, I LOVE them.

Has anyone checked out their jewelry lately? AMAZING. Those clothes have been really young, but the jewelry is ON IT!!!

This is the "Gia" collar necklace. A stunning beaded collar necklace with tiny, polished leaf embellishments. The perfect finishing touch! Lobster clasp closure. When I am on the website, sometimes the items look good but I'm not necessarily sure about, but this necklace is hot. And at $7.80? Are you nuts? Why hasn't this sold out yet?