Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lovin' new tees...

Lately I've been loving the new tees that are floating around town. I'm so over "band" tees and "statement" tees. These new cuts are completely fresh and ultra feminine. Once again we can thank Forever 21 for the slew of rip-offs that I'm completely in love with. The original is by D & G. Here is the D & G guess how much.

Now here are my lovely copies for cheap. The first is from my lover Forever 21. It is called the "Beatnik Graphic Tee" and it sells for $12.50. This would look great tucked in a black pencil skirt, black peep toe pumps, and a black beret. So chic.

The second is called the "Blushed Fashion Tee". It sells for $13.80. So precious. I would style this similar to how D & G styled their t-shirt look. A little pair of ballet flats and you are ready for Paris!

The third is the "H81 Ballerina Tee". It sells for $14.90. This one is my favorite! It is my favorite because the screenprinted "ballerina" looks like me...especially because we share the same haircut! A cute A-Line red skirt with some black satin ballet flat and you will be more cheap and chic that D & G.

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